Term & Conditions

All Lofoten watches are covered by a 1 year limited warranty from date purchase. This warranty does not cover batteries, leather, straps, or crystal, nor does it cover damage or defects arising from normal wear, scratch when using, accidents or misissue, or from any party other. Please leave your item into nearest store from your living or every our branch in asia.

Excluded From Guarantee

  • The watch bracelet.
  • The consequences of normal use and aging of the watch as a whole or in part.
  • Any damage or defects resulting from improper or abusive use of the watch or any part thereof, damage caused through contract with chemical products.
  • The alteration, manipulation or repair of the watch by any other person or technical service other than authorized by Lofoten watches.
  • The problem is caused by improper, rough or careless treatment.
  • The problem is caused by fire or other natural calamity.
  • The problem is caused by improper repair or adjusment made by other than Lofoten Service Center.
  • The case, glass, battery or band is damaged or worn.
  • The proof purchase is not presented when requesting service or The warranty period has expired.